With Joe Joyce making his debut against the vastly more experienced Ian Lewison who’s last fight was for the prestigious Lord Lonsdale belt, I wanted to put into words just how ambitious the Juggernaut is being.

Taking a ten round fight on your debut is unheard of; to also fight Ian Lewison on that same debut is even more staggering. Lewison a seasoned pro, winning 12 of his 16 fights which includes; challenging for the British title and winning the WBO Asia Pacific title. It’s very clear that there is much optimism around Joe Joyce so early in his career, as we see the 32 year old heavyweight debuting at a level that has not been seen for the last 20 years in professional boxing. Alongside Lewison entering the fight as an underdog, it shows how highly thought of Joyce is.

A long and successful amateur career where he picked up an Olympic silver medal has put him in good stead for the professional ranks.

Sparring the likes of Tyson and Hughie Fury, Bermane Stiverne and world champion Anthony Joshua is near perfect preparation for any heavyweight fighter looking to challenge for world titles let alone a debut fight.

Age is not on the side of the Juggernaut; however that could be the dominating factor in his fast tracking. An offer was made to David Allen initially to be Joyce’s opponent. However it was turned down as it didn’t make sense for the white rhino at this stage of his career. Step up Ian Lewison, a durable opponent with a big heart; he was never going to go without putting up a fight. A real test!

The fight went as the Hayemaker team expected it would have, the debutant using his height and reach to advantage dictating the fight with his ramrod jab. Lewison although losing every round continued to come forward round after round throwing hooks trying to land that one big shot to upset the odds.

Scheduled for ten rounds Lewison suffered an eye injury half way through the fight, seemingly hindering his vision. leaving Joyce to stalk his prey picking him off shot by shot.

Eventually the high tempo pressure had beaten Ian Lewison down to pure exhaustion, his impaired vision left well respected trainer Don Charles with no choice but to throw in the towel and protect his fighter from receiving any further damage in the eighth round.

An offer to face Sam Sexton for the British title has been made for Joe’s second professional bout, his team had also been looking into facing the winner of the now in doubt Commonwealth title fight between David Allen and Lenroy Thomas. If Joyce keeps winning how long until he challenges for a World title?

Written by James Lupton.