Commonwealth Middleweight Champion, Sam Sheedy sounded at ease today when I asked him; how much of a threat Liam Cameron would pose to his title. His response was precise and quick “None!”

Sheedy was all out of anything close to a compliment for fellow Sheffield fighter Liam Cameron. Even when I ask Sam “The fact you are both from Sheffield, do you think it adds an extra incentive to this fight?” 

He had clearly a poor opinion of his fellow Yorkshire man. “For the fans definitely but for me it’s just another stepping stone to where I need to be.”

The build up has been slightly bitter between the pair, not helped by Sam Sheedy calling Liam Cameron “Lazy”. When I asked him how he came to this conclusion he didn’t hold back.

“Inside information from previous trainers, and also the fluctuation from weight divisions, indicates to me he lacks discipline and is lazy.”

The Commonwealth title has became Sheedy’s, winning the strap against Abolaji Rasheed in April. Becoming Commonwealth champion had clearly meant a lot to him after missing out on the English and then the British title to Tommy Langford a year later.

“I felt happy to finally achieve something in the sport and cement my legacy, but as time went on I felt the magnitude of what I had achieved. It’s (The Commonwealth Title) extremely prestigious.”

Sheedy’s reaction was extremely confident when we discussed his prediction for the fight at Ponds Forge Arena, Sheffield this Friday. Responding sharply.

“Round 6 – knock out!”

Sam Sheedy defends his Commonwelth Middleweight title against Liam Cameron; Friday 13th October, live on FreeSports TV (Sky Channel 424; Freeview Channel 95; Talk Talk Channel 95; BT Channel 95)

Written by Adam Noble-Forcey