As the biggest and weirdest fight of the year approaches, FightTalk.net reached out to some of the boxers who have featured on the site. World-ranked, some undefeated and every one a boxing purist. Here is what they had to say about Conor McGregor’s maiden voyage to the squared circle against legend Floyd Mayweather Jr;

Guillermo Rigondeaux – 2x Olympic gold medalist & reigning undefeated World champion. 17-0, (11KOs).

“It doesn’t matter how hard Connor hits. The question is: will he be able to touch Floyd? I doubt that. But yes. Connor is going to find out and real soon within the first minute of the fight the difference between boxing and MMA.”

Nathaniel Wilson – Cage Warriors World champion (MMA). London.

“I think Conor will be most dangerous in the first few rounds, as the fight goes on I think he will fade a lot more than Floyd.”

Sonny Fredrickson – Super-lightweight. #9 ranked WBA. 17-0, (11KOs). Toledo, USA

“Floyd Mayweather. 6th round KO.”

Billel Dib – Lightweight. World ranked Top 15. 21-2, (10KOs). Sydney, Australia.

“Mayweather will do whatever he wants. Conor might try to be rough early on, but will only get countered and will eventually stop throwing until Floyd stops him mid-to-late rounds.”

Tureano Johnson – Middleweight. Top 5 in the World. 20-2 (14KOs). Bahamas.

“If this was an MMA fight, I’d go with Conor. This is boxing. The skillset here is far different from that of MMA. Conor loses big time. If Floyd wants to, he can make the fight go the distance. I believe he will until Conor starts to look like he knows nothing about boxing, which is about 15 seconds into the first round. Floyd wins however he wants to win. Remember! Floyd’s not a knock out artist, but against Conor it’s very likely Floyd can.”

Leon McKenzie – Super-middleweight. English & Southern Area title challenger. 8-1-1, (4KOs). London.

“Mayweather to win inside 8 rounds but potentially could go the distance and win by unanimous decision. Floyd to win comfortably but I don’t think he knocks out CM.”

Linus Udofia – Middleweight. 5-0, (2KOs). London.

“Mayweather, in seven rounds.”

Jack Hughes – Super-flyweight. UK #11 ranked. 2-1, (0KOs). London.

“Conor wins by KO in the 10th round.”

Dean Richardson – Welterweight. 4-0, (4KOs). London.

“Mayweather does what we’ve seen him do and pop-shot his way to a wide unanimous decision, everyone realises McGregor is nothing more than a novice boxer and the event is a anti-climax.”

Davis Pagan – Middleweight. 4-1, (1KOs). London.

“I believe McGregor is gonna try and use his range but rush in at times to rough Mayweather up to try and keep Floyd guessing but Mayweather keeps his cool and wins by stoppage Round 9 after pin-point accuracy throughout the fight.”

Daley Perales – Professional Boxing trainer. Coach of Anesu Twala, Bobby Woods & Martin Foru. London.

“Fourth round. Mayweather.”

Darren Reay – Super-lightweight. 2-0, (0KOs). Newcastle.

“I fancy Mayweather (Round) 9-12 stoppage. I hope McGregor lands a decent punch in the first or second and makes it a bit of a fight. But, I can’t see it.”

Dan-Dan Keenan – Super-welterweight. 6-0, (0KOs). London.

“Mayweather. Round 9.”

There you have it, folks. An overwhelming majority for the man who calls himself ‘TBE’. But, can Conor pull off the impossible? Check out each of our panelists and make sure you follow them in their journey towards their next fight.

Enjoy the circus!

Written by Craig Scott