Photography by: Rob Tebbutt

On July 8th, were in attendance at York Hall to see a number of fighters we had worked with. Someone we hadn’t seen in action was debutant Anesu Twala. The fighter nicknamed ‘Bad News’ swaggered out wearing a camoflauge balaclava and slipped/countered his way to a convincing victory.

The story went deeper than just his performance. There was a history of trials and tribulations. There was a need for support, for people to believe in the journey and bring his ability to a wider audience. We took the challenge on and the documentary is only a small part of the work we have been doing in collaboration with Anesu and promising coach Daley Perales. 

Anesu’s next fight will be at York Hall, Behnal Green on the 9th of September, featuring on the Heaven or Hell show promoted by Goodwin Boxing. For tickets go to;

Watch below and stay tuned;