Many boxing fans would have been feeling dejávu yesterday as one of the most naturally gifted heavyweights of my generation announced his retirement (again!) from boxing.

The outspoken larger than life character has had a rocky road to say the least, ever since dethroning Wladimir Klitschko in December 2015. Fury came under a barrage of abuse from media and fellow sportsman for his outspoken views and opinions. In June 2016 The Daily Mirror released an article claiming Tyson and Hughie Fury had been taking performance enhancing drugs, both fighters failing a random urine test in May 2015 for nandrolone.

Since heavily researching the story since it was broken, the ends never joined up and I have been scratching my head as to how this story was broken by a major news organisation. Especially when British Boxing Board of control chairman Robert Smith and BHOF promoter Frank Warren both stated Tyson Fury had not been taking performance enhancing drugs and the issue had been resolved by UKAD. sources have come to learn that there has been a mole inside the Fury camp leaking information to the press for large sums of money. The former adviser to Amir Khan, Asif Vali. I can confirm that sources have told that Asif Vali sold a story to The Daily Mirror for around £15,000 regarding TRACES of nandrolone being found in the system of Tyson and Hughie Fury.

Since researching this, I do know nandrolone occurs naturally in the human body especially those who are much larger than your average man. Which would obviously apply Tyson and Hughie Fury.
There are still many parts of the story that are unclear. However, I can confirm that sources have told that Asif Vali was sacked by Team Fury earlier this year. An all too familiar story, as Vali was sacked by Amir Khan in 2013 after Khan lost £1.5 million after fighting Paul McCloskey in 2011.

Those that who are not aware of who Asif Vali is, he was in Klitschko’s changing room inspecting his hands being wrapped before the heavyweight world title fight between Wladimir Klitschko and Tyson Fury in 2015. Vali also runs a charity for the disadvantaged youth in Bolton and is considered by many as a pillar of the community. Sadly it seems to be smoke screen as Vali has been accused of pocketing many of the donations himself due to reported issues with gambling and alcohol addiction.

Vali became embroiled in the boxing World after driving taxis in Bolton with Amir Khan’s Dad. Since this time it has become my knowledge that Vali has also generated money off young fighters who are in the early stages of their careers and there have been many accusations of fighters being scammed out of money by Vali, quite publicly on social media.

By Adam Noble-Forcey