Goodwin Promotions were back with another great show displaying young prospects at the York Hall on Saturday April 22nd.

The one and only Brooke Streatfield was there reporting from ringside for!

Neil Parry vs Teodor Nikolov- 4×3 Super Welterweight

In the first fight of the night Neil Parry secured a draw in a very awkward fight against Teodor Nikolov. Parry came out with a slick jab in the opening round, doubling it up with effect and timing his shots well – Nikolov swung in some wild hooks but Parry avoided them well staying under the guard and keeping a high defence. Parry continued to come forward throughout the round – leading with a left hook that led to him being open to a counter right hand. Nikolov landed a wild right hand on the bell at the end of the first round. Parry held the centre again well in the second round, Nikolov bided his time well and let go some heavy hook combinations that landed strong as the pair were tied up in the centre. Parry continued to get caught with big overhand rights from Nikolov but kept him shape and got back behind his jab. In the third round Parry doubled up his jab with greater effect, taking his time with his shots and reading the fight better when Nikolov attempted to lunge in with wild hooks. Parry continued to come forward in straight lines near the end of the round, Nikolov stayed under the guard well to avoid trouble. Nikolov started the fourth round well with a right hand to the body but Parry returned a solid 1,2 counter to put himself back on the front foot and in control. Parry’s length and movement put him on top in the final round as his class showed through – Nikolov relied on the swinging backhand for success but with a lack of movement from Parry near the end it managed to get through the guard well. Referee Kieran McCann scored the contest 38-38 a draw.

Brad Pauls vs Georgi Valevski – 4×3 Middleweight

Brad Pauls secured his 6th career win with a powerful and dominant performance against Georgi Valevski. Brad Pauls came out in the opening round behind a solid jab that he doubled well and released his right hand with great effect to push Valevski nervously onto the back foot. Pauls looked a complete class above as he left a right hand left hook go forcing Valevski to hold on to survive. Valevski throw out the odd looping right hand to the body but Pauls used his slick footwork to read the right and come around with his own digging right to the body that looked to take the wind out of Valevski every time he threw it. A right hand, left hook on the bell from Pauls looked powerful and effective to which Valevski had no answers and looked outclassed from the opening bell. Pauls came straight out on the front foot in the second round letting his sharp right hand go well and used his fast footwork to stay out of range of any counter shots. Left uppercut right to the body works perfectly for Pauls as he put together every shot so well in there – A big right hand after a flurry of shots from Pauls knocked Valevski to the canvas cold, he managed to make the referees count but Chaz Coakley believed he was in no position to continue as he made it to his feet dazed and wobbled. The stoppage came 2 minutes and 18 seconds into the 2nd round when Chaz Coakley stepped in to stop the contest, awarding Brad Pauls his 6th career win. Pauls remains unbeaten and look in phenomenal shape as always and put on a performance to match.

Ricky Heavens vs Liam Wright – 4×3 Super Welterweight

Ricky Heavens secured his 2nd win as a professional beating Liam Wright on points. Heavens came out firing in the opening round with sharp straight shots, keeping his shape well an moving off after some wild counters from Wright. Heavens worked off the back foot as Wright came in under the guard working hooks over the defence of the taller man – the rest of the round was a bit scrappy as the pair ended up tied up on the ropes on the bell. Wright held the centre of the ring well in the opening of the second round jabbing well and staying tight under the guard of Heavens who brought the right down to the body well and ended the round on top with some sharp straight shots, using his reach to great effect. Heavens came out in the third round with some sharp straight shots again but Wright managed a perfect right hand counter to redden the body of Heavens who was finding Wright’s inside work very awkward. Heavens bought down some digging shots to the body but Wright made his work harder keeping his head on his chest and digging his own shots to the body, successfully bringing the uppercuts trough the guard. The pair were tied up to start the fourth and final round, Wright worked well on the inside pinning Heavens to the ropes well and remained awkward to hit when he came in low. Heavens took the boxing back at length working some sharp straight shots to keep Wright out – the fight looked messy as the pair held once again due to a clash on inside/outside styles. Wright swung in some digging shots to the body near the end of the round to see the fight out. Referee Lee Cook scored the contest 39-38 in favour of Ricky Heavens whose record now reads 2-0-1.

Connor Gorham vs Curtis Gargano – 4×3 – Light Heavyweight

Connor Gorham got his professional career off to a flying start as he overcame tough and awkward journeyman Curtis Gargano winning all four rounds. Gorham came out confidently in the opening round of his professional career jabbing strong and using his feet early on – Gargano takes his time and lets some heavy hooks go to the body well when Gorham slows down. The Kent man stayed on the back foot boxing and moving well with a tight defence, remaining weary of Gargano’s big overhand right shot that has seen him have success in the past. Gorham came out confidently again in the second round, doubling his jab up and moving his feet well working at range – in typical style Gargano beat his chest and called for a fight as he was on the ropes. Left hook right hand from Gorham worked well on the front foot, Gargano came back with counter right hands to the head and body well to let Gorham know he was still involved in the fight. A right uppercut right hand lands solidly on the bell for Gorham who took another round completely in control on his debut. Gorham came out on the front again in the third round with some solid straight shots, bringing some digging shots around the elbows to the body of Gargano who showboats to the admiration of the fans inside the York Hall. A big right hand from Gargano knocked Gorham’s gum shield out and put him under immediate pressure of the ropes behind a flurry of shots before the referee stopped the fight to return the gum shield to the home fighter. Gargano gained a lot of confidence from that right hand coming forward and unloading some massive hook combinations on the ropes. The pair met in the middle in the final round, Gorham stuck to his straight shots but Gargano came round with some digging right shots to the body, the Kent man came through with some digging hooks to the body on the ropes to impress on his debut. Referee Lee Cook scored the contest 40-36 in favour of Connor Gorham on his debut, getting his career off to a very positive start.

Liam Dillon vs Andy Harris – 4×3 Super Lightweight

Liam Dillon looked sharp and accurate as he got his professional career off to a flying start with a 39-37 points victory over Andy Harris. Dillon came out well on the front foot in the opening round jabbing well and moving his head, reading the fight and coming through the openings with a right hand. Harris stayed on the back foot with a tight guard continuously moving and not allowing Dillon to set his feet and work. Dillon’s jab is the difference, keeping him at length and punishing him with his speed and accuracy near the end of the round, Harris stayed on his toes throughout. Dillon came out with blistering speed in the second round working some slick hooks to the body and coming over the guard well with some heavy hooks that look to hurt Harris who was forced to hold to stop the onslaught. Harris threw the odd counter right hand left hook but didn’t have much effect as he retreated to the back foot throughout. Dillon kept the fight long near the end of the 2nd round behind some slick double jabs where he was in total control. The pair exchange jabs at the start of the third round well, Harris stayed on the back foot hanging out a lazy jab but Dillon tapped his way through it with a spearing jab himself and digging the right down to the body. Dillon’s head movement and sharpness saw him on another level in this fight, kind of surprising that it is his debut with the amount of control and ring experience he looks to have. The fourth round started fast with Dillon again in complete control, mixing his shots up and confidently coming forward on the front foot with a sharp jab – Harris threw the odd counter right hand but had nothing to trouble Dillon who was in cruise control. Harris tucked up and stayed very defensive off the back foot near the end of the round, allowing Dillon to tee off at will on him with every shot he possessed. Dillon looked very impressive with slick head movement and footwork, sharp punching and he has power which looks great for him going forward in this division. Referee Kieran McCann scored the contest 39-37 in favour of Liam Dillon who secured his first win as a professional and looked great in doing so.

Ryan Walker vs Jules Philips – 4×3 Super Bantamweight

Ryan Walker looked sharp and powerful as he overcame Jules Philips over 4 rounds to secure his second win. The pair came out well behind their jabs in the opening round in a fast pace fight, left hook right hand from Walker landed well as he came forward with great timing and accuracy to get through the guard of Philips – Philips takes the shots well and gets off some slick hooks on the inside and works well off the back foot. The pair both land solid right hands at length in what is an excitingly balanced fight. Philips landed a good right hand to start the second round well and really bought the fight to Walker from the away corner – Walker took his time and let his sharp hooks go well, timing his shots perfectly and moving off well afterwards. The middle of the round was quiet with both men feeling each other out and the rest of the round went by with not much action. Walker came out with a slick jab in the third round, coming through with a sharp left hook stepping in and out of range well – Philips came through with his own double jab but looked tired and under pressure when Walker got going. Philips’ right hand got through on a couple of occasions but the cleaner work got through from Walker. The pair came together with a clash of heads to start the 4th round, after this the fight remained quiet with not a lot happening – both took a backwards step and didn’t throw much. Philips did well to jab to the head and body but Walker landed the cleaner shots with the right hand left hook combinations – referee Kieran Mcann scored the contest 39-37 in favour of Ryan Walker whose record now reads 2-0 as he moves on in his career.

Duane Sinclair vs Jimmy White – 6×3 Light Heavyweight

Duane Sinclair looked powerful and secured a very impressive first round knockout over Jimmy White to move his record to 5-0. White came out well on the front foot in the opening round jabbing well and pinning Sinclair to the ropes early on. Sinclair managed to ride the wave and get the fight back at length using  his long straight shots and solid left hook to keep White at length. The pair were cautious after their early exchange of shots – after a break in action a massive right hand from Sinclair landed perfectly on the chin of White and sent him out cold to the canvas, referee Kieran McCann immediately called the contest off and rightly called in the doctors to see to White and got him to the stall. The fight was stopped 1 minute 48 seconds into the opening round with Sinclair landing a peach of a shot!

Lewis Syrett vs Aleksandar Chukaleyski – 4×3 Middleweight

Lewis Syrett secured an impressive stoppage in the second round on his debut against Bulgarian Aleksandar Chukaleyski. Syrett came out jabbing and moving well in the opening round keeping a tight guard and taking his time to read the fight – Chukaluvski stayed on the back foot and unloaded some big counter hooks as he drew Syrett in to his space in what was a balanced opening. Syrett’s left hand was accurate and powerful as he landed it well near the end of the round confidently. Syrett is caught with a long left hook at the start of the 2nd round from Chukaluvski but recovered well and came forward strong with slick uppercuts against a very awkward opponent. The fight looked messy in places as the pair clashed in styles, Syrett’s southpaw stance got him caught up on the inside. Syrett stepped the pace and power up in the third round and managed to force the stoppage 2 minutes and 42 seconds into the round to give Syrett the win on his debut inside the York Hall.

Christos Ioannou vs Craig Derbyshire – 4×3 Super Featherweight

Christos Ioannou overcame tough and awkward journeyman Craig Derbyshire over 4 rounds to win on points on referee Lee Cook’s scorecard. Derbyshire came out relaxed in the opening round letting some big right hands go and stepped his foot on the gas early, moving well and staying out of trouble. Ioannou took a while to get going but doubled his jab up well once his timing improved, he also put a left hand on the end of it with great effect. Derbyshire came forward in bursts in typical fashion, confident in what he threw – Ioannou seemed like he didn’t know what to do with him and there was spells in the round where both fighters were dormant. Derbyshire rushed in in the second round swinging in big hooks to the body as Ioannou was on the ropes, Ioannou didn’t manage to get any of his work off as Derbyshire looked to throw him off rhythm. Ioannou let his left hand go well but Derbyshire didn’t let up and kept coming at him with flurries of hooks and uppercuts to end the round well. Ioannou came out busier in the third round letting his left hand go but Derbyshire fired off some sharp combinations to the head and body not letting the home fighter have it his own way. Derbyshire was warned near the end of the round for not breaking and going crazy at Ioannou on the bell to end an exciting round. Derbyshire came out strong in the final round letting some big hook combinations off, rushing in and smothering Ioannou’s work, not letting him have the time or space to breathe or work. Ioannou let his left hand go much better near the end of the round using his fast hands and power to outwork Derbyshire and win the fight 39-37 on referee Lee Cook’s scorecards.

Mark Little vs Toni Bilic – 4×3 Cruiserweight

Mark Little secured an impressive stoppage in the second round against Croatian Toni Bilic. Little came out well on the front foot jabbing and moving well and let his right hand left hook go well when Bilic sat on the ropes. Right uppercut left hook from Little worked well, Bilic sat on the ropes and moved his head well throwing the counter right hand near the end of the round. Little came out with some digging right body shots in the second round, coming forward confidently – Bilic throws the odd left hook right uppercut but looks tired and stayed on the back foot so he didn’t have to engage in a war in any way. A right hook left hook combination lands solidly from Little as he outworked and outclassed Bilic throughout the round. Bilic’s counter right hand landed well but Little worked through it and threw everything he had in digging flurries of hooks and uppercuts that pinned Bilic to the ropes unable to throw back. The stoppage came 2 minutes 53 seconds into the second round with referee Mark Baites believing Toni Bilic was in no position to continue. Little’s record is now 4-0.

Johnny Garton vs Ivica Gogosevic – 6×3 Welterweight

Johnny Garton used his class, experience and power to overcome the awkward Ivica Gogosevic with a 6th round stoppage, taking his record to 20-1-1 as he looks for another title shot in the near future. Garton came out well on the front foot in the opening round where he jabbed strong and kept his composure, timing his shots perfectly and clearly looked a class above. Gogosevic stayed on the back foot with a tight defence and didn’t look like he wanted to engage despite heavy hook counters. Garton’s straight right hand left hook knocked Gogosevic back to the ropes and Garton worked so well to the body. Garton came out solidly with some slick straight shots and digging shots to the body, Gogosevic awkwardly moved around him and worked some illegal hooks near the back of the head. Garton kept his composure and threw some classy straight shots to keep Gogosevic at length who could only rely on the wild swinging counter punches to have any success at all, Garton saw the round out well throwing and moving off. Gogosevic let some wild hooks go that connected well on Garton in the third round remaining awkward to hit and frustrating for Garton who is clearly the classier man in there. Gogosevic’s left hook landed flush on Garton who looked frustrated in there as the away fighter showboated – Garton threw some slick body shots to end the round well. Garton came out moving well in the 4th round using his strong jab to great effect – Gogosevic continued to be a threat with his massive wild counter punches but Garton moved off well and read the fight better in this round. Right hand left uppercut works well for Garton whose class is showing through with slick movement and his reading of the fight. Gogosevic was warned by referee Chaz Coakley for use of his head near the end of the round. Garton held the centre of the ring well in the fifth round where he let a right hand left hook go effectively but was cautious of lunging in because of Gogosevic’s big swinging counters that came in flurries when he pinned Garton to the ropes. Garton came out behind a classy jab in the 6th round where he held the centre and let his big right hands go well when he got Gogosevic to the ropes. Garton’s class really showed through in the final round, his timing, accuracy, speed and power. A big right hand after a flurry of shots from Garton knocked Gogosevic to the canvas wobbled and dazed where his power and class really showed through. The contest came to an end 2 minutes 46 seconds into the 6th and final round, taking Garton’s record to 20-1-1 with a great knockout win.

Emhran Hussein vs Ricky Leach – 4×3 Featherweight

Emhran Hussein impressed on his debut dominating every round against Ricky Leach at the York Hall. Hussein came out low working the jab to the body in the opening round and bringing in some devastating hooks to the body as Leach sat on the ropes with a tight guard absorbing the shots unable to throw anything back. Hussein’s work to the body looked effective and Leach was unable to reply with anything and was under a lot of pressure from the opening bell. Right uppercut left hook through the guard of Leach worked well for Hussein who was in complete control throughout the round and came forward confidently letting his hands go. Hussein came out confidently in the second round again throwing some slick double jabs and then let his hands go to the body under the guard – Leach kept a tight guard as the shots were clearly having an effect on him and was getting outworked in there in every aspect. Hussein’s work was classy and precise in there to which Leach had no answer. A right hand from Hussein started the third round strong as he outworked him in all aspects and areas of the ring – Leach was outworked and outclassed throughout the round and was happy to hear the bell. Leach took to the back foot with a tight guard to start the fourth round, Hussein as in previous rounds let his hand speed do the talking and worked some classy shots to the body on the ropes – Hussein timed his right hands well and landed accurately and powerfully throughout the fight and was clearly a class above in there. Referee Lee Cook scored the contest 40-36 in favour of Emhran Hussein who really impressed on his debut, looking to have an exciting career ahead of him, Leach deserves respect for staying in there against such a tough opponent.

Mitchell Preedy vs Dan Blackwell – 4×3 Light Heavyweight

Mitchell Preedy overcame tough opponent Dan Blackwell to secure a 40-37 points win on his debut as his fans took over the balcony and really raised the roof inside the York Hall. Preedy came out confidently in the opening round working the double jab and took his hook combinations well to the body -Blackwell absorbed the shots well and fired back with his own hook counters that looked to have an effect on Preedy. Blackwell stayed on the back foot in typical style and kept a high guard, he let his right hand go to the body on the counter well that made Preedy rethink his own guard. Preedy worked some solid hooks to the body on the ropes but Blackwell took them with ease. Blackwell had some success with the right hand left hook at the start of the second round, Preedy covered up and returned some slick right hands but had nothing to trouble Blackwell who came through with big straight shots that pinned Preedy to the ropes. A solid hook combination from Blackwell looked to have an effect on Preedy who resorted to the back foot and had to cover up to survive the onslaught from Blackwell – the pair came together with flurries of shots to the body to end an exciting round. Preedy came out well in the third round working some slick hooks to the head and body on the ropes, Blackwell returned some great right hand left hook combinations to make for a very exciting fight on Preedy’s debut. Blackwell’s right body shot worked well as Preedy looked tired and had thrown a lot – the pair went to war in a fight that raised the roof off of the York Hall – a big right hand from Blackwell ended the round well. The pair came together on the bell of the final round letting some big hooks go as they pushed each other back – Preedy’s fans made a lot of noise supporting their fighter but Blackwell wasn’t prepared to leave the ring without a fight letting some big right uppercut left hook combinations go and called Preedy on to engage in a fight with him. The pair stood toe to toe in the final 3o seconds of the round in what was an all our was inside the York Hall. Referee Lee Cook scored the contest 40-37 in favour of Mitchell Preedy who won every round on his debut and packed out the balcony’s of the York Hall all on his own.

Mikael Lawal vs Jindrick Velecky – 4×3 Cruiserweight

Cruiserweight Mikael secured an impressive first round stoppage over Jindrick Velecky to get his professional career underway. Lawal started the round with an absolute peach of a jab that knocked Velecky back to the ropes shocked with the power of his opponent on his debut. Velecky had nothing to return to Lawal’s blistering power and punch range ability – he surely looks a talent for the future! Right hand left uppercut lands solidly from Lawal and after a big flurry of right hands and big hooks Velecky submits himself to the canvas, he beats the referees count but is subject to a complete onslaught from the debutant who is an absolute beast with shed loads of power! The contest was stopped 2 minutes 4 seconds into the opening round with Lawal getting his professional career off to a flying start.

Fight report by Brooke Streatfield.