#FightTalk roll out their new BOXER’S BLOG series with a debut from Jack Hughes. Jack is #14 super-flyweight with a record of 1-1 thus far! He gives you an insight into his week as a pro…

Monday Blues

Jack’s best mate.

As we all know, everybody hates Mondays and for me it’s no different! Monday morning kicks off the most boring day of the week. It begins with me waking up to my alarm clock at 6:30am, even though I don’t need to get up until 7:45am. But, if I don’t set about 7 alarms I would never get up in the first place (not a morning person if you couldn’t tell). Then, I have the pleasure of waiting on public transport and the Piccadilly line is the worst train line of them all! After my great start to the day, I go to work at a job I just hate which is dog grooming and the only reason I do it is that it allows me to pay my gym fees. It’s the reason I can box. The only joy I have in my days working there is seeing my good friend, who if you hadn’t guessed, is a dog! Not just any dog but a cute little overweight pug who’s name I always forget but he does’nt mind. We normally spend the first 20 minutes asleep on the sofa together before the first customer comes in to ruin the day. Then I do my hours and when work is done me and the pug part ways. If I’m in camp I will go to the gym for sparring, if I’m not in camp (which I’m not now) I will normally go home and be pretty bored. Evening normally consists of me getting in after a long day, having dinner and then checking my model self out before I take a shower if I’m in camp and the bod’s looking good I send a selfie to my girlfriend. If I’m not in camp and all isn’t good then it normally leads to me being pretty depressed as I’m getting fat again going back up to 9 stone and so I end up eating a Ben and Jerrys ice cream watching my favourite TV show The Walking Dead. I end up feeling even worse because I know I shouldn’t have had the ice cream. Then to wrap up the long day, I will normally put on the Disney channel to fall alseep to as it’s watchable but not too watchable that you will want to stay! I’m someone that can’t sleep without the sound of the TV on which my girlfriend just loves by the way! Yeah, well that’s Mondays!

Tuesday Vibes


Tuesday always has a more optimistic feel about it as I don’t work Tuesdays. I got up around 8am to have a Milkyway bar. Then back to sleep for 2 hours! I then went down to the Hayemaker gym to do a bit of sparring with the famous Prince Patel. I got there a bit early, but had to wait for Sean who I train with who’s also become a friend/somewhat trainer for me. The spar itself went well as David Haye watched on from his sofa, I was out of shape and only had a fight a week ago but still managed to get 4 rounds out. At the end I couldn’t hold the fan boy in me any longer and had to get a picture with Mr Haye himself which was quickly uploaded to Facebook. After the spar I then went back to my home-away-from home – State of Mind gym. I did a bit of pads with Sean. I then waited to do an interview around 5pm with Craig from #FightTalk who funnily enough served me before my debut at the bank! The interview went well and we had a little catch up too. After that it was then off home to chill out with my girlfriend who wanted to watch the new Fifty Shades Darker film. I said yes thinking mainly about the sex. After the movie was over she asked if I wanted to go to Tesco to get some rope? I was like YES BOY! (That was a joke by the way…) When the film was over we just had a catch up on a few other shows we watch together like Flash and Arrow had a little chat and then off to sleep to start the next day!

Wednesday Feels

Jack & Kate Skipper

Wednesday started off pretty slow with me and the Missus just chilling out in bed, talking about life really. Then we got up around 11am and headed over to Costa for some lunch. After that we went back home. She stayed for a bit then left. It was just me and the dogs, so we had a nap for and hour or two. I got up around 3:30pm and was like “let’s go to the gym“. Got to the gym and went into a hard boxing session. About half way through the session all I could think was, “Fuck! This diet of McDonald’s and KFC has not been doing justice to the fitness!” After the session I was sitting on the ring sweating from head-to-toe thinking “Mate! I need to get back down to the gym ASAP and sort my life out!” Before I left, I snapped a quick pic with the lovely Kate Skipper for the blog, then headed home. When at home I had a bite to eat and had that feeling that I wanted to write a song. Out of boxing I’m also a singer/song writer. After putting about 10/20 mins into writing the song, I decided to play the N64 (I love my retro games). Putting on a bit of the classic game Conkers! Not bad for a day which I’m about half way through right now. Played that game late into the night and thought to myself “It’s time for bed now.” So I wrapped up Wednesday to get ready for a day spent with the other half tomorrow

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Addicted & Come a Little Closer are the best two!

Thursday Chills

Comparing stuff, as usual

I knew Thursday was going to be a good day. After almost a year I finally got invited into the State of Mind group chat (get in there)! I got up around 9:30am and my girlfriend came over around 10am to start the day. Me and my Missus are both big animal lovers so we went off to the bunny park to go to the little zoo they had there. It was pretty good there but not as good as it used to be when I was younger. The highlight of the day, which they didn’t have there before were the meerkats! I just love those guys. I made the Missus stand there for a good 30 mins looking at them. After I had my fun, we shot off to Westway for a Subway, then home. We put on Happy Gilmore and had a Ben and Jerrys ice cream (damn that ice cream!). After the film, I had a nap that lasted about 30 minutes before my family woke me up. Then I tried to cut my dogs nails and he just freaked out and tried to nip me the little prick! After the failed attempt, I got in the bath before getting out to watch the Flash and Arrow with the lady, have dinner and then time for bed to start Friday.

Friday Sickness

Sean & the G-Man

Last night, before I went to bed I made a silent agreement that Friday would be the day I started working out 100% again to get back to full fitness. I had ambitions and visions of hitting the bag looking a million dollars and all my gym mates running up to me in slow motion giving me hugs and telling me that I did it.  A banging headache and a sore throat. All I could think was ‘fuck… my… life.’ So I just wanted to lie in bed all day. I kept falling asleep and waking up every 10 minutes. So when it got to about 11 o’clock I was like forget this let’s just get up and have something to eat. Had my food and wanted to have a nice warm bath and as I was running the bath I remembered there was no bubble bath… joke thing! After all this it was about 1:30pm now and I was feeling a lot better. Still not great or 100% but a lot better and Sean asked if I was going to come down to the gym so I thought ‘why not?’ I got ready and headed down to State of Mind. It always puts you in a good mood seeing people like Sean, the G-Man and my Dad who’s also my trainer Barry (he’s not really my dad I just wish he was)! I didn’t really do much just about 15 mins pads with Sean and then 10 mins on the cross-trainer. I did some training but only really got about 60/70% out as I said before, I was still pretty ill. I could tell Sean was still impressed. After the gym I just went back home and got into bed put on my PS4 and watched a few movies before going to bed to start Saturday which should be a better day.

Optimistic Saturday

Who is punchin’?

After feeling poorly on Friday I woke up with a really optimistic feel about Saturday. #1 Because I felt a lot better! #2 Because I booked the day off work (Get in!) The start of the day was pretty slow as I was mainly waiting for it to hurry up! I wanted to go and watch my mate fight on his White Collar show. It got to around 2pm and I went out to get my hair cut to start getting ready for the show. When I was scrubbed up and looking super-fly, (Haha it’s funny because I fight at super-fly!) me and the girlfriend took a few pics and headed off to the show. Throughout the day I was on fire with the SnapChats, which I downloaded yesterday. As I started doing more of them and as they were getting funnier… the girlfriend was getting more and more pissed off with them. We got to the show and Charlie, who was fighting, was the 14th fight on the show. A few fights passed and suprisingly there had been a few stoppages. It got to around 7pm and I felt like having a Maccy’s so me and the girlfriend went on the hunt for one! She was getting stressed throughout the whole day. She pulled the car over and was having a bitch-fit just as I was in the middle of a killer SnapChat.

Boom! There goes my phone. She smashed it. Obviously this did not go down well, but we moved on and went back to the show. We waited for Charlie to come on and when he did – he put on a great show! He moved well, showed great head movement and didn’t look like he only had 2 previous White Collar fights at all. He won every round and picked up another W! After the fight, I posed for a pic with the champ and headed off home. When we got back we watched The Girl Next Door and then it was off to bed to start the next day.

Boring Sunday

Long live the King

As this was the last day of the blog I really wanted to see it off with a bang! But, it definitely didn’t go to plan as it was pretty much a long, boring day. When I got up this morning I was in a bad mood as obviously I was still without a phone. We both headed off to Slough, dropped the phone off to get repaired and then I had a McDonald’s breakfast. Always a good way to start off the day! After that, I went to go pick up my phone

which raised my spirits quite a bit. I was like a kid that just got given a lollipop off his dentist! We then headed off home and Holly headed back to hers. I just jumped into bed which pretty much set the tone for the rest of the day.  There was nothing to do for me at all. My friends were all away, Holly was at home and the gym’s shut on Sundays. So after laying in bed till about 5pm, I jumped on the PS4 and started playing The Walking Dead new episode. Just as that was picking up a little bit, it crashed half way though and I was like “Mate does God not want me to have any fun today?!” So, I just gave up on the game and tried to have a little rest which just wouldn’t happen for me. The only thing that was getting me thought the day was the banter from the group chat from the lads. The day picked up a little bit as my cousin Darryn came over and we started playing Mario 64 – classic! We took turns on it but mainly I just watched Darryn die countless times. After we had fun on the N64 and everyone went home I smacked on a movie and went to sleep to start off Monday. Hope you all enjoyed my blog guys and thanks for reading! 🙂

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